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DISKUS Volume 1-6 (1999-2000)


Volume 1.1 (1993)
Volume 1.2 (1993)
Volume 2.1 (1994)
Volume 2.2 (1994)
Volume 3.1 (1995)
Volume 3.2 (1995)
Volume 4.1 (1996)
Volume 4.2 (1996)
Volume 5 (1999)
Volume 6 (2000)


Volume 1.1 (1993)

Volume Index

Kim Knott, 'Contemporary Theological Trends in the Hare Krishna Movement'.

Andrew Rawlinson, 'A History of Western Sufism'

Ninian Smart, 'The Formation rather than the Origin of a Tradition'

Klaus-Dieter Stoll, 'Pay now, Pray later: Part 1: The emergence of the Electronic Church'

Peter Woodward, 'Empathetic Guidelines for the Ethnographic Study of Jewish Children in Britain'



Volume 1.2 (1993)

Volume Index

Bryan WILSON, 'The Persistence of Sects'

James H GRAYSON, 'Christianity and State Shinto in Colonial Korea: A Clash of Nationalisms and Religious Beliefs'

Ian HARRIS, 'Individualism in its Indian Context'

Nicholas SUTTON, 'Issues Arising from the Distinctions Drawn Between Theology and Religious Studies'

Helen WATERHOUSE, ' A short critique of Nick Sutton's paper: "Issues Arising from the Distinctions Drawn Between Theology and Religious Studies"'



Volume 2.1 (1994)

Volume Index

Fiona BOWIE, 'Hildegard of Bingen and Medieval Women's Sexuality'

Marion BOWMAN, 'Islam, Adat and Multiculturalism in Malaysia'

Peter McKENZIE, 'Otto, Wach and Heiler: Towards a Systematic Phenomenology of Religion'

Lia POP, 'Religion in a Romanian Town: Values and "Interethnicity" in Oradea'

Klaus-Dieter STOLL, 'Pay Now, Pray Later - Part 2: The Electronic Church in the United Kingdom'



Volume 2.2

Volume Index

J R FREEMAN, Possession Rites and the Tantric Temple: A Case-Study from Northern Kerala.

Sandra BELL, Practice Makes Perfect - Symbolic Behaviour and Experience in Western Buddhism

Sewa Singh KALSI, Sacred Symbols in British Sikhism

Denise CUSH and Catherine ROBINSON, The Contemporary Construction of Hindu Identity: Hindu Universalism and Hindu Nationalism.

George D CHRYSSIDES, New Religious Movements: Some Problems of definition



Volume 3.1

Volume Index

Beatrice LEUNG, Religious Freedom and the Constitution in the People's Republic of China: Interpretation and Implementation.

Peter CONNOLLY, Hypnotic Dimensions of Religious Worldviews.

Tim FITZGERALD, Religious Studies as Cultural Studies: A Philosophical and Anthropological Critique of the concept of Religion

A. M. OKORIE, Ala-Umuokoroala: the Divinity of an African Igbo Village.

Peter WOODWARD, The Kitchen and the Study: An Examination of Selected Gender-Related Issues as seen in Jewish Families and in the Upbringing of Jewish Children.


Volume 3.2

Volume Index

Douglas DAVIES, Jural and Mystical Authority in Religions: Exploring a Typology

Theodore GABRIEL, The Malaysian Government and Christian-Muslim Relations in Malaysia

Steven SUTCLIFFE, The Authority of the Self in New Age religiosity: the example of the Findhorn Community

Sewa Singh KALSI, Problems of Defining Authority in Sikhism

Helen WATERHOUSE, Who is the Karmapa? Western Buddhist Responses to a Challenge to Traditional Religious Authority

Bob EXON, Research Report: Self-accounting for Conversion by Western Devotees of Modern Hindu Religious Movements



Volume 4.1

Volume Index

Peggy MORGAN, The Authority of Believers in The Study of Religions

Simonetta CALDERINI, Cosmology and authority in medieval Ismailism

A. D. BREAR, The Authority of Pramukh Swami within the Swaminarayan Hindu Mission

Graham HARVEY, The Authority of Intimacy in Paganism and Goddess Spirituality

George D CHRYSSIDES, The Seat of Authority in Unitarianism

Paul BADHAM, Sources of Authority in Christian Ethics



Volume 4.2

Volume Index

Andreas CHRISTMANN, An Invented Piety: Ramadan on Syrian TV

Michael YORK, BACRA and the Media: Defending the Cult in the Politics of Representation

Ron GEAVES, Baba Balaknath: An exploration of Religious Identity

George D CHRYSSIDES, New Religions and the Internet


Volume 5


Max Deeg
Multiculturalism In Asian Religions: North India, Central Asia And China In Ancient Times

Andreas Ackermann
The Social Engineering Of Culture And Religion In Singapore

Reginald W. Bibby
Multiculturalism In Canada: A Methodologically Inadequate Political Virtue

Michelle Spuler
The Impact Of Multiculturalism On Australian Religious Traditions

Gerrie ter Haar
Imposing Identity: The Case Of African Christians In The Netherlands

Helena Helve
Multiculturalism And Values Of Young People

Denise Cush
Potential Pioneers Of Pluralism: The Contribution Of Religious Education To Intercultural Education in Multicultural Societies

Martin Baumann
Multiculturalism And The Ambiguity Of Recognizing Religion



Volume 6


Speaking Shamanistically: Seidr, Academia And Rationality

Nature, The Natural And Pagan Identity

Tanice G. FOLTZ
Sober Witches And Goddess Practitioners: Women's Spirituality And Sobriety

Weaving a tangled web? Pagan ethics and issues of history, 'race' and ethnicity in pagan identity

''Conversion' to Wicca?

Fantasy in the Study Of Religions: Paganism As Observed And Enhanced By Terry Pratchett

'Virtual Paganism' Or Direct Action? The Implications Of Road Protesting For Modern Paganism

Demarcating The Field: Paganism, Wicca And Witchcraft

Shelley Tsivia RABINOVITCH
Heal The Universe And Heal The Self: Bateson's Double-Bind And North American Wiccan Practice

Catherine ROBINSON
Druids And Brahmins: A Case Of Mistaken Identity?

Michael YORK
Nature Religion As A Contemporary Sectarian Development

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